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An area often overlooked, but an area vital to your safety, that of your co-workers and customers, and the very survival of your business.

OSHA Regulations
MSDS (link to) (don’t forget gasoline)
Do you have a safety coordinator?
Do you have a Policy & Procedure Manual?
Do you have a safety manual?
Do you have safety training for your employees?
Do you have an evacuation plan?
Do you know what to do in case of a robbery?
Do you have safety meetings?
Is your parking lot safe?
Do you have fire drills?
Is your showroom safe?
Do you inspect your fire extinguishers monthly?
Is your warehouse safe?
Do you have safety review sheets for your company vehicles?
Is your shop safe?
Have you had an OSHA inspection? (Link to OSHA)
Are your tow motor drivers certified?
Do you inspect your equipment lifts?
Do you inspect your grinders & other shop equipment?

These are just a few of the important safety issues facing all businesses today. We can help you company address these concerns and more!
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