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Unread 12-27-2011, 01:46 AM
GWB2006 GWB2006 is offline
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Default Anybody use "Every Door Direct Mail" from USPS?

Folks, fellow small dealers.

Have any of you used or looked into in depth at from the US Postal service for direct mailings? We have never done any direct mail outs due to the assumed cost of generating a list of addresses, but from what I can tell so far (waiting for the free kit), this looks like it could be a viable and nice target based setup.

Newspaper inserts obviously did not work after spending nearly, if not over $1,500 on the process, and in paper ads obviously do not work as based on the no return on coupon printed in those ads.. so, it would seem that Direct Mail is the only thing we have yet to try.

Thoughts and forward looking opinions on the service at the link?
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Unread 12-27-2011, 07:39 AM
colefarm's Avatar
colefarm colefarm is offline
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We haven't used it yet, but we have looked into it. We were planning to try it this year, but hit obstacles that kept us from working on it.

The quote we were given was around $80 to send 550 mailers, which is a good sized portion of our community. We still plan to try it out because it looks like it will have a better return than most of our other advertising campaigns.
Cole Farm Equipment, Inc.
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Unread 12-27-2011, 09:43 AM
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We're planning on it too. we go to to generate targeted lists, though. Havent tried usps services but have been thinking about it. Just need to put together our mailing piece. We've had good results from the local shopping news (classified reader ads) in this "really really rural" community, and have a co-op newspaper insert campaign on the way next year (first attempt) - The key in advertising is consistency, getting your name and product out there *all the time and everywhere* - when you look at a likely 1% hit rate (which is what we figure on) you need to have your ad seen by 100 people to generate 1 potential lead, and out of every potential lead, you might make a 10% sell-through, so we need 1000 exposures per sale, as a rough rule of thumb... and the sale may or may not come in right away. Reader ads, and advertising on local news blogs have had our best results per dollar, but we have had direct results on display ads as well. (no coupons - advertise a specific model unit or price point that you don't advertise anywhere else, and if a customer comes in looking for that specific unit or price point, you know where the sale came from)

The other important thing with advertising is to do what your competition is NOT doing, to set yourself apart from the rest.
Everyone else runs "spring specials" - we don't, though we offer discounted services for our "A" customers, and pre-season discounts, and pre-packaged jobs, etc. For example: customer calls in and asks "how much to service my tractor for spring?" we respond with "$xx.xx plus parts, because there are too many variables involved in modern equipment - one tractor might cost $150, the other might only cost $90, if we advertise a $119 special for tractors, some customers end up overcharged, some are undercharged, and it isn't really fair to the customer" - Since our service shop is *THE* profit center, we're not going to slit our throat to get the price shoppers. Let the competition have them and take the loss

Also competition tends to slack off on advertising in the slow months (budgetary usually, but also seasonal) so we boost OUR advertising at those times instead. - what better time to sell a new walk behind mower at a decent profit than when the big box stores are NOT advertising them?!
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