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Originally Posted by mowingman View Post
Hustler has been struggling financially for a long time. A number of years ago, they tried to sell off the company. I personally talked to a "wheel" with a competing ZTR manufacturer, who toured the Hustler factory with the intent to see if they wanted to buy the whole operation. As I understand it, back then, the factory was an outdated, ineffecient operation, so they turned down the opportunity to buy. This was probably 7 or 8 years ago
More recently, some Korean? company invested heavily in Hustler and owns some portion of the company. I think it was Shiburu. This happened shortly after Hustler's illfated adventure with Cat diesel-powered machines.
Now, they are moving into the big box market. I believe Hustler is a sinking ship, and trying whatever they have to to stay afloat. The Koreans probably want to see something in return for what they have invested.
WOW, you make all this up yourself? Why don't you call them and visit their factory and see how bad they are struggling! It's amazing to see so much misinformation thrown up in a post made to look well informed!
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