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Stihlydan, I agree with your comments concerning fuels and preservation. We tell our customers to use Moto-Mix if they can afford it, otherwise, fill the tank with Moto-Mix and run the unit 10-15 minutes before storage. Like you, I use it in my personal equipment and it WORKS. People often ask me whether to drain the fuels system before storage or leave it topped off. My opinion (and it's only an opinion) is that if you are ABSOLUTELY SURE that there are no gum and varnish deposits lining your fuel tank, lines, etc., then drain it. In essence, you are storing it in the same condition as it was before purchase. However, if you're not sure, treat your FRESH fuel with a good stabilizer/ethanol treatment, and leave it full. That way deposits do not harden during storage. But be sure to change your fuel again before putting the equipment back into service. Keeping your fuel fresh and treated is the cheapest PM money you can spend.
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