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Turf Teq 08-11-2010 10:26 AM

Turf Teq

Turf Teq products are centered around a single, powerfully-built, self-propelled tractor that has the versatility to accept multiple quick-change attachments for a variety of landscaping functions. Our Multi-Use Tractor can perform a number of different capabilities, including Bed Opening, Bed Grooming, Trenching, Raking, Soil Grading, Brush Mowing, Sweeping, and Snow Removal.

Designed for the commercial landscaper and rental markets, our products are strong, reliable and easy to maintain. They are also adaptable to your needs ? you can purchase as many or as few attachments as you require. Should you find you really have only one type of task to perform, we also offer our tractor in a single-function, Dedicated-Use model at a cost-effective price.

All of our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA and come with a one-year complete product warranty. Products purchased with a Honda Engine also include a two-year warranty on the engine.

Visit for all the info you need.

You can view demo videos on our youtube channel: - make sure to check out the newest one of our brush cutter

tallimeca 08-17-2010 07:10 PM

here's an honest to goodness review of this product.

Not impressed. For winter/snow use, this machine is not a good design. The cable controls are no good. I'm still scratching my head at the "tecumseh" labeled gas tank. This thing is an erector set gone bad in my opinion. The belt drive design does not cut it.

This machine could be phenomenal for everything else, I don't know.....but not for snow use....

Turf Teq 08-23-2010 02:46 PM

i don't know how old your machine is, but we have been using better control cables for the past year and half or so -- they have an added inner sheath and rubber tips over each end to stop moisture from getting inside

i don't know what you mean by "scratching your head at the tecumseh gas tank" -- our engine does not come with its own gas tank, so we have to purchase the tanks seperately -- tecumseh is the one we chose -- we are looking at a bigger tank to put on our machines, but haven't found the right one yet

the broom is our most popular product, especially in Mass. -- but thanks for your review, at least it means you know about us :clapping:

fyi, we've also just released a plow attachment for this winter

tallimeca 08-25-2010 08:22 PM

scratching my head......
What I mean have a company called Turf put a honda engine on the unit.........and it has a Tecumseh labeled fuel tank.

It makes the unit look like an erector set to the end user...... That's all I'm saying. Couldn't you have a plain tank manufactured?

I've had these units come in the shop that were purchased at another dealer. Customer had nothing but complaints about them. I told him it was probably not the dealer's fault, it's just the design of the unit.

Granted, your prices are much more reasonable then alot of the competition out there, but these city and town, state, and private businesses depend on these when they need them........when there's snow on the ground......... and I just don't think these units cut it.......... Just my opinion.....

Walkerseller 08-26-2010 04:43 PM

I sold 6 power brooms last year for snow clean up in Northern New Jersey and had NO COMPLAINTS about the way the unit worked or the job it did. I would like to see a bigger gas tank, but so far I am very pleased with Turf-Teq and look forward to another good fall/winter selling season. Every location and customer is different as we all know. I feel these guys are on the right track and will continue to improve the product and respond to dealers requests.

tallimeca 09-29-2010 07:46 PM

i guess there's always room for improvement. Maybe there have been some changes done since the models I have seen. I just seen many flaws with the unit.

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